Davis & Adams Capabilities

Preconstruction Services

The preconstruction phase of any project is the most critical. It is during this time that owners make significant decisions, many of which will determine the outcome of the project. D&A provides its clients with the greatest value during this time. Effectively operating as the client’s advocate, D&A assists with all aspects of planning, permitting, design and construction. Whether it is performing site selection and due diligence studies, developing project programming, determining an initial conceptual budget, pricing, or providing constructability review, We will help you plan for successful construction. D&A’s preconstruction services are designed to accelerate schedules, increase project efficiency and maximize the client’s dollar. Understanding the importance of proper upfront planning to a project success, D&A helps make visions realities and consistently delivers quality in both the product
and the construction process.

Construction Management

D&A , the team who plans the project and the team who works throughout its construction are one and the same. Specializing in complex projects in sensitive environments, their construction experts are closely involved with the project planning, ensuring that the challenges of their projects are anticipated and planned for. By thinking ahead and educating its workers and subcontractors before they arrive on site, D&A helps ensure the safest jobsite possible. Once construction begins, our team can adhere to the most aggressive schedules while mitigating the impacts of construction on those surrounding the project. Whether it is a
school preparing for the start of the academic year, a hospital with desperately needed clinical space or a tenant seeking fast track occupancy, the schedule can be critical. We make these schedules without sacrificing quality or professionalism. D&A exceeds clients’ expectations, delivering all project objectives time and time again.